The kindness of strangers

After a couple of pretty lousy days, and feeling like the week was going to continue on a downhill slide, I decided to go to the library to a) get a replacement card and b) buy some of their old books for something new to read.

The librarian who helped me redeemed everything for me, he was lovely! Changed all my details over, got my new card ready – didn’t charge me the $5 replacement fee because I paid my overdues(though he rounded the figure down as well!), and then when I went back to the counter with 6 books to purchase, he put them into a bag and told me not to worry about the money for them.

I just about cried! lol silly I know, but I’m feeling a little fragile and having someone be so kind to me really made a difference to my day. He saved me $10, but the change he made in the way I am feeling is worth so much more than that.

Thank you kind librarian!


3 thoughts on “The kindness of strangers”

  1. Things like that can make all the difference, can’t they. I remember when I was knew to the city, moving into my first flat, didn’t know anyone with a car and couldn’t afford a taxi, so moved all my cases by bus, hugely heavy and quite the effort to get to the bus stop. Exhausted and stressed I managed to get the wrong bus – when the driver realised he was all “well, it’s not that far, we can make a diversion” and took me pretty much to my door. That was over five years ago, and I still think about it.

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