June 4

I didn’t think I’d get to the writing last night! Gee, after spending almost two hours going through the list of accounts and ticking the boxes for the 150+ participants in SoCNoC, I’d had enough of sitting at a computer, looking at a computer and even thinking about the event. I just about gave up halfway through! What a mammoth task!

There are over 800 accounts on the list and at times it felt like we were never going to get to the end. I want to give a massive thanks to Chibi, without whose help I don’t think I could have done it. Thankfully I wrote down all the numbers of the accounts that need ticking now, so getting next weeks pep talk out will be a lot less time consuming.

I took Lauren to bed at around 830, she’d already fallen asleep on me but I was lurking in the lounge, waiting to see whether Hubby was going to finish with the laptop so that I could at least take a crack at getting my words out. Thankfully he did, and off we went – Lauren slept while I typed, and I managed to get out just over a thousand words, which puts me at 5286 words for four days work – which, if you ask me, considering everything else, isn’t bad at all.

I’m really happy with how the story is coming along at the moment, everything that needs to happen is happening, and I’m just about to ramp it up a little further. Oh too much fun.

I had another one of those ‘ha, I should write this!’ moments the other day, the ones that I assume I’m only joking with because really, I can’t write that can I? And of course, I ran it past Chibi, who much to my amazement told me I should write it. She did that last time too. I should start trusting those moments a little more because I think it’s in those moments that my story becomes more than what it was.

Anyways, I’m not even meant to be awake, but I couldn’t get back to sleep after Lauren’s last feed at 5am. I lay in bed for an hour and then decided to just get up because there were too many things running through my head. I really think I’ve taken on too much this month and though it’s only the 5th of June I lay there thinking things like ‘omg I have got to get on to formatting the Collection. I’ve got to get the cover sorted. I have to get the winner’s certificate done’ and so on.

While I am mostly on top of things, I have this feeling that I could easily let some things slide and I’m going to have to work hard not to get complacent. I’m certainly not going to be beating myself up over the things that don’t get done on time, because I am only human and I do have two little girls and a husband who need me. Oh and that valuable me time as well (I read a book last night and yesterday, a whole book, it was really engaging actually, and refreshing too).

Okay, I’m out. Lauren will be waking up soon, and so will Hubby, then the day starts! But at least my morning rounds at KW are done and I can shut this machine off for a few hours and just be Mum.

Catch you all later 🙂


2 thoughts on “June 4”

  1. Congrats on all your words, Cassie! Over 5k in four days is awesome, especially with two little rascals under your watch. I don’t know how you do it!

    Good luck formatting the Collection, I’m sure it’ll turn out awesome. ^_^

  2. You’re welcome – again – and of course I told you to write it! You know I believe that no matter how wild a story gets, if it needs to be told that’s the way it is. I think there’s a reason you’re getting all of these “wild” notions; maybe this is just your book where you’re testing the boundaries. Have fun with it and worry less about whether or not you SHOULD do it and more about whether or not you WANT to do it.

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