June 5 & 6

The short version is that I didn’t write 1k on each of these days. In fact, on one day, I didn’t write anything at all! Lauren’s sleep is more important and we had a rough Friday, so I needed to work harder to get her back to her normal patterns. Ones which involve longer sleeps and me not having to be there for them.

It’s been an okay weekend so far, despite feeling like I’m on the brink of something not so pleasant. Not sure what it is but I’m anxious and frustrated, and normally that’s a sign that something is heading our way. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed it’s just me being tired.

I’m hoping to get into some decent writing tonight, though I do have a chat to host for SpecFicNZ. That’s an hour out of potential writing time, and so I’ll have to try hard to get it done before then.

In fact, I better go and get started now, or the chances of getting 1k out today will drop.


6 thoughts on “June 5 & 6”

  1. Aww, sorry I haven’t been around to help take the stress off a little. I’ve been very lazy today, but I promise to be around more tomorrow! As for your premonition of impending doom, I’m inclined to think you’re just very tired and very stressed out. The last few days (what am I saying, days? Make that weeks) haven’t been easy for you, what with Ivy being rebellious and Lauren being grizzly and Simon being… well, Simon. If you can’t write tonight, don’t. It sucks but there’s no need to push yourself to the brink.

    1. I actually did get my 1K really easily today! lol I’d have done more if it wasn’t for the chat (still chatting now… lol)

    1. Thanks hun! I’m looking after me lol funnily enough, my blog post over at Kiwiwriters today was about claiming your right to write! lol, it’s advice for me, posed as advice for other people 😉

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