Balancing out

After the first days of the month being muddled around a bit, I seem to finally have fallen back into my groove, and I’m finding it fairly easy to get out my one thousand words a day – long may it continue!

This afternoon I’ve been doing a little of the good old ‘write 250+ words and you can read a few pages’ thing, and it’s working so far. Though, in fact I haven’t done any reading for about 500 pages – I just want to keep writing! The characters have really fallen into place now, and though I know that ultimately it means I’ve got a lot of tidying up to do near the start of the novel, at least I’m happy with where things are at now.

Not only is my writing getting more balance, but so is everything else. I feel like I’m juggling things pretty well for now, and not being stressed out too much, though a little more sleep wouldn’t go astray.

Ivy is still pushing the boundaries a little, but I think that’s more due to being so tired lately (no idea why, she’s sleeping as much as ever!), and Lauren is growing by leaps and bounds, has found her way into the first levels of the bookshelf, up onto the TV cabinet to grab at games, controllers and put some sticky prints on the screen itself… it’s all so much fun to pull on things and see what might happen. I can understand that.

Anyways, better get back to it, I still have some words to write!


3 thoughts on “Balancing out”

  1. Good to hear you’ve hit the right balance, and your stride with your characters! I wouldn’t be surprised if you very easily broke the halfNOC total.

  2. Ooh, seems like you’ve hit that good place. I’m glad. Part of the fun of writing is when things click into place, and I know you were missing that. I’m going to be presumptious and steal part of your glory by pointing out that part of the reason it has hit is because you’re allowing yourself so much freedom instead of rejecting “ridiculous” ideas. So yes, you may thank me any time you like. 😉

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