Oh man, I had a doozey last night.

I gave birth to quins. Two sets of girl twins and a singlton boy. They were sleeping in the drawers of Ivy’s old set that I moved from her room yesterday and will evenutally make it’s way into the playhouse. I had three other children. Ivy, Lauren and Dylan (my top choice for a boys name when we were talking names before knowing Lauren was a girl).

And then I went away for a night and I got home to find that my husband had given our boys away to our neighbour as a trade for another girl.

Dylan was so mad at me. The quin boy was too young to really get what was happening. But it wasn’t my fault!!! I did try to get them back and a great fight began…

So weird, really. I think it was all the talk about babies last night when I was out at a friends house having some adult girl time (well, Lauren was there too. They snapped her with a bottle of energy drink (it had been washed out) and are going to photoshop it into a beer bottle apparently). Who is going to have the next one? Certainly not me! And if I have one more, I certainly won’t be having any more than that! lol

They were pretty cute though.

But I certainly have my hands full at the moment, these beautiful girls are all I need – and wow, with that many kids when on earth would I find time for writing????

As for the writing – got my thousand words done early for a change as I knew I’d be home too late to do anything but sleep. I still have some decisions to make, and am putting aside any worries about making the wrong one. I know that I can always go back and change details if it turns out I need to go with a different option.


4 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. now that is some dream!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine that many babes at once. but if I have any sorts of similar dreams, I’ll know who to seek for advice. hee hee hee…

    as for decisions, do tell if you change your mind. it’s always interesting to know how a situation develops, good or not so great…

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