Half way

Well, today marks the halfway point in the month, and I’m nicely over the halfway mark in this months goal as well – sitting at 14K (because I haven’t done my writing yet), and happy with how the story is coming out!

Every now and then I feel a little bit annoyed that I’m not making better progress, and then I remind myself that life is pretty busy and I’m doing well to be writing ~1,ooo words a day. That’s 30K for the month, which is a good count, and my novel will be sitting around 70,000 words if I carry on this way. I probably won’t be quite finished the first draft, but it shouldn’t be too far off.

Hopefully I can finish it during July, because really, I am itching to be at the editing/rewriting of Lifelines. I can only hope that I still feel like that when I get around to it. I’m mulling over the short story ideas that I’ve been having as well because I want to try and get a few of those written, and polish up some of the ones I have sitting around already.

Oh, I have for the most part got the Collection formatting sorted! Woo. I just need to tweak a couple of things, and then I’ll send it to Kerryn for checking over. After that, I need to get the front and back covers sorted, put it through Lulu, and then get the e-book version sorted. It’s exciting to think that it’s almost done, and in not too long we’ll be done with June – I am really looking forward to it being over.

I feel pretty stretched right now (am sure it’s showing up in my writing, but Chibi hasn’t been reading it so she hasn’t been telling me that I’m tired and writing lazy), and am really looking forward to taking a break from stuff once June is over. KW won’t need me so much then and I can finally do a massive clean out over at the SpecFicNZ group forums and put some energy back into keeping that project moving forward.

At least I feel like it’s not just me though, I think there is something about this time of the year (winter for us) that means we spiral down and conserve some energy, I certainly feel like I want to just hang closer to home and focus on home stuff/my stuff rather than bouncing my energy around the rest of the world right now.

Ah well, better end this. Am sitting on the end of the bed while Lauren sleeps cause I don’t want her to wake up and crawl off it, she’s been falling over an awful lot lately as she tests her balance and lets go of the couch/bookshelf/table/whatever else she’s managed to pull herself up on. I’m doing my best to catch her when she does, but if I’ve left the room to get a drink or whatever, she can easily pull herself up AND fall over in the time it takes me… hopefully it won’t be too long before she’s got a better sense of balance!

Happy writing 🙂


5 thoughts on “Half way”

  1. I was thinking today, if this is what Nanowrimo is like for the rest of the world, with its cold weather and crap energy levels, then hell, I have more respect …

  2. It’s summer here and it’s a gorgeous day, so I can’t really talk about winter doldrums, haha. But I can still tell you’re being lazy with your writing if you like. 😉 No qualms about doing that even if I haven’t been reading it. E-mail it to me, will you? I’ve e-mailed you so just attach it. There, a way to be scolded. Be happy!

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