I wrote 2,000 words or so yesterday! It felt so wonderful, and I half thought about writing some more, but decided instead that I would just hang out with Hubby, which was nice.

It was also nice going to bed without my story in my head. Recently I’ve been doing my writing just before I try to sleep and have struggled to push it aside and get to sleep. In fact, a lot lately I’m having trouble stopping my thoughts so that I can sleep, but oh well!

We had a great morning today, went out to another session of ‘Tot’s and Toddlers’, where we assist Plunket in teaching groups of teenagers about the realities of parenting. We normally do bath times, but today was a parent interview/play session which the girls both really enjoyed, lots of bubbles and balloons and people wanting to talk to them. Some of the kids had some really good questions as well which was nice, so far we’ve only been to a boys school to do sessions and this one was co-ed, kids who are studying through corespondence rather than at school.

Anyways… last week I emailed Lifeline about volunteering, and how I could get into it, and I finally heard back this morning. The guy is going to phone me to chat about it and send out the information. They are in the middle of a course, and if I have training in ‘listening skills’ I can probably jump in to this course, which is exciting and scary because I did training for listening skills when I worked for the police as an emergency call taker. It was awhile ago though. Who knows! I’m excited that it could happen this quickly, but also nervous – it’ll be the first type of ‘work’ I’ll have done outside the home in more than three years. Three years feels like a really long time.

I best make the most of having Hubby home this afternoon I think, though more often than not he’s a distraction rather than a help, lol a good distraction though!


1 thought on “Weeeeeee”

  1. I so need to figure out a way to shut my story out of my brain at night so I stop losing bits of scenes when I go to sleep.

    That’s great about the volunteering, that sounds fun!

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