June 17th

No writing done for the day yet, but it’s been a nice one. We spent all morning around at a friends house, the kids played beautifully, had a really good chat with my friend, and then dropped Ivy at preschool, picked Hubby up for lunch. We took Lauren to the park for a play and she had her first swing (which she thought was pretty cool), and her first slide on Daddy’s lap (which she didn’t like so much), then dropped him back to work, home again where she slept for most of the afternoon – on me, lol so I ended up sitting down, watching Mythbusters and various other shows for 3 hours!

Gee, it’s a rare occasion when I sit in one place for that long, not really my thing these days – I sometimes wonder how I ever used to do it when I was working!

Anyway… gonna get into some solid writing tonight, and I’m hoping that I can slide easily back into the story. I left it at a fun spot, but not really the easiest one to start writing from. Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “June 17th”

  1. Good luck with the writing tonight – I’m amazed that you’re maintaining 1000 words a day when there’s just SO MUCH TO DO. I barely manage my daily 1000 with the entire waking day free.

  2. Gee, sounds like fun. I’m so envious, I’ve been stuck inside for a while now. Hope I can get out this weekend (what’s keeping in is that thing you don’t have yet, and you don’t know when it will show up but I gave you an idea on what to use for when it DOES show up….) because I can’t get by for more then like three or four hours. Grr. *jealous*

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