A day off

My second of the month – it wasn’t because I didn’t want to write but because my head was just too sore to think about it. It was freezing and I decided that curling up in bed with book and babe, and getting an early one was the absolute best thing for me to do. And it was! I do feel somewhat better this morning πŸ™‚

It’s a shame though. I really wanted to crack 20K last night, but that will have to wait until tonight now. Unless of course I find some time to get into it this afternoon.

Lauren and I have been cleaning this morning, well, I cleaned, she watched and chatted to me. She did try and push the vacuum cleaner around a bit, but wasn’t happy when it kept moving away from her… ah well.

I’m feeling…. well, slack in some respects, but meh, I’m not taking that on board. It’s a busy month and I’m not running as tight of a ship as I would have liked, but what can I expect? Some days I don’t even get time to wash the dishes until early evening, so of course some things are going to take longer than I’d like to get done.

At least my writing isn’t being put off or delayed – true to my ‘me first’ policy, everything is still on track on that front!

Best go, play time, then lunch and hoepfully a big nap for Lauren this afternoon, and a lovely time of getting stuff done for me!


2 thoughts on “A day off”

  1. I think a break is really good for you; as good as a day of writing could be. You’re SO busy and you don’t take much time for yourself. I hope you enjoyed that break!

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