The stress is beginning to show

Thankfully, it’s not obvious, but I can feel it, the itch in my scalp that tells me I’m getting stressed, that my body is going to revolt against me. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t move out from under my hair to more obvious places, because ug, itchy redness is not attractive.

Damn body, sometimes the mind just can’t beat it, and even though I’m not feeling that stressed, apparently I am. No denying it now. I guess all I can do is try and take it as easy as I can until the end of the month, whereby things will get less busy. Roll on July!

There really isn’t that long to go, and while I’ve got the bulk of the work done for the Collection, I’m still working on the cover, and the winner’s certificate… am I going to get everything done before the end of the month? Yet to be seen. I’ll be doing the best I can.

Oh, and another call for guest blog posts for KW, really, anything anyone can find! The main other person who was doing posts missed all three of his days this week due to moving (only found this out after the fact), and has no net on at home yet, so I think that means it’s just me for the rest of the month wooo, lol.

Yes, very much looking forward to July, and some chill out time, finishing TCM, getting back to Lifelines, getting some short stories written, tidying the SpecFicNZ forums, pottering around in the garden preparing it for planting, tinkering in the shed, maybe I’ll even finish a couple of paintings that have been long neglected.

Gee, now I’m just loading up my July aren’t I. I take all of that back. I’m going to take it a day at a time, and have very few expectations of myself. I need the break.

Now back to work Cassie! It’s not July yet πŸ˜‰

I posted, and then realized I hadn’t mentioned last nights writing! I’m sitting at 21.5K and feeling really good about that. I’ll definitely be finished before the end of the month, and hopefully close to finishing the novel, oh how I want to be finished!!! And in the meantime, I’m still mulling over my options for what happens next…. in the novel that is.


4 thoughts on “The stress is beginning to show”

    1. Thanks you for the comment πŸ™‚ I’m rather fond of my header as well.
      You’re totally right, we can only do so much.
      Thanks again!

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