Ahh sleep deprivation

Seriously, sometimes I am totally fine with it, and other days it’s all I can do to get through til a reasonable sleeping hour (yes, 8pm IS a reasonable hour to go to bed!).  A couple of nights ago my best sleep was 2.5hours (her tummy was sore), which really isn’t a whole lot, so broken…. and last night she slept much better but of course my body is misbehaving. Where yesterday, despite little sleep I was happy, wonder-Mum, today I’m a Grumpasaurus.

I hate being a Grumpasaurus, normally it’s Ivy who is one, not me!

Anyways…. I’m going to try to write early today so that I can fall into bed guilt free tonight, because last night I wrote a mere 50 words and no more. I figured that with how dizzy and out of it I was feeling there really wasn’t much point! I literally have no idea where I was going with it – Mel is going for a run, but what’s the purpose? I know there was one, I’m just not sure exactly what it was because there are a couple of variables in play.

Ah well. Best sort it out sooner rather than later! Wish me luck, I really need it. Best make myself a big cup of coffee, cause I’m going to need that too.


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