New shiny

I started a new short story. I didn’t set out to do it, but at some point in the day I found myself opening a new document and typing.

Dr. Vivienne Richards? Whose that, OHHH that’s who.

This one has been mulling over for awhile now, and from memory the idea sparked from a loose thread on an item of clothing. How it morphed into what it is now… well, it was an interesting process but I’m glad I have the story nailed down now.

I had no idea how to write it, which was a good thing because I didn’t have time to, and now it’s suddenly unravelled itself in front of me and is just waiting for me to put the words down on the page. I’m thrilled as short stories are not my strong point and I’m hoping that this one is better than the last few have been. I think it has more potential anyways, and doesn’t feel like a novel idea that I’ve cut back dramatically. It feels like a short story.

So yes, that was me yesterday. The girls were both home and while I got plenty done on the Collection, I didn’t do anything on TCM. I’ve got a bit of a cold again and it’s making my head sore. Not that I’m using that as an excuse, but just saying, it’s there, and I needed a break. I’m looking forward to launching back into it on Saturday now that I have my list of things that need to be tidied up.


8 thoughts on “New shiny”

  1. Yay! I just like to read a lot! Trust me, I’ve got enough stress with my own material, plus I’m just not that kind of guy. However, I will admit that the article on my page entitled Grandfather of a Storm was recently stolen! Just be careful. I’ve been reading a lot of material on wordpress that is posted without any copyright indication. That seems foolish and dangerous to me. I still don’t post any of my work online, except those ancient stories on Elfwood, but even those are copyrighted material. I hope that you intend to allow others to read it, others you trust, via email?

    Bah, I’m rambling again aren’t I?

    1. Ramble away 🙂 I’ll be emailing, don’t worry! I’d only post stories up here if I have no intention of trying to publish them elsewhere.
      It’s good advice regarding copyrighting though, something that is easy to overlook.

  2. That is true. You know, I actually had all of my short stories copyrighted as a compilation. Although, I kind of don’t care as much about them as my novels.

    Thank god you’ll be emailing. There are way too many scoundrels in the world who would assume someone’s identity, or that your work is their work. Thank goodness for the library of congress….

    Ramble ramble ramble…………..

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