It didn’t last

At 1958 words, the first draft of my short story ‘Birth Rights’ is complete! So, I am happy to say that the flat feeling disappeared and I plunged ahead with some writing, getting almost 1.5K done for the night. It wasn’t on TCM… but at least this story is finished for now and I can get back to TCM tomorrow without having this story swimming around in my head too.

I’m reasonably happy with it, though who knows how I might feel about it when I read it in the morning! Oh, also, that measn that on day 27 of the month, I have actually written 27,000 words! woo, go me. Pity that almost 2k of that is not actually on TCM… lol will have to see if I can be a good girl and catch up on that over the next few days.

Now, time to sleep, and hopefully I have less trouble than last night.


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