Goals – the next 6 months

I loaded the first half of the year up pretty heavily, and didn’t plan anything beyond June. While I managed to get most things done, it was taxing, and I don’t want to do it again.

This time, I’m going for broad goals, not pinned down to months, just a rough plan of what I’d like to have done by the end of the year. I toyed with the idea of not setting any, but the honest truth is that I have a list in my head and no amount of pretending is going to make it disappear. Goals keep me on track, they keep me moving forward, and I like them.

So… my own writing goals are to have Lifelines ready for submission, or close to anyways.Β I also want to have 6 short stories ready for shopping arond – I have four written that I need to work on, and one half written, which means that there are only 1.5 first drafts to go and then rewrites and edits. Anything above and beyond that is a bonus, and I’m very sure I’ll play with other things, possibly start editing some of the other novels/novellas I have written.

My critiquing goals are to finish off the commitments I have already made. This means working through Karen’s novel, finish Gareth’s, and start/finish Kerryn’s. I also want to get back into Critter’s, as I’ve been super slack there, but I think some of my stories would benefit from a round there so I need to get my participation back up.

Aside from that, I plan on putting my family first (I always do, but I’m going to cut back on the time I’m on the computer, even considering a computer free day! eek, scary), getting the gardens sorted around this place. I really enjoy gardening, and I’m so looking forward to having it look tidy, and getting the vegetable garden in order.

Anyway… I just had a call from the new plunket nurse, or a plunket nurse, not sure which, who has a spare slot for me in a half hour so I must tidy! It’s Lauren’s check up, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how much she weighs now, and all that other fun stuff.


3 thoughts on “Goals – the next 6 months”

  1. Yeah, I chucked my goal list into the recycle bin about two weeks after I wrote it, haha. I might try to make a new one for July and August, though. I really have to get back on track with stuff. You and Sadey are being so efficent; you’re leaving me behind in the dust!

    1. Well if you want a hand, let me know πŸ™‚ Always happy to lend one! You’ve just started working again and in a couple months there will be classes to adjust to… it’s a hard time to keep on track I reckon.

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