July 1!

Wooooo, hello July, I’m so happy to see you 🙂

Actually, I am just about done with the KW work, but not quite. Still waiting on a few author bios, still have some winner’s certificates to mail out, but getting there and feeling very good about where I am at.

I started reading Lord of the Rings this morning, am not yet through the first chapter (plenty of interruptions), but have started having some ideas about how I could rewrite it. Hopefully by the end of the week I should have gotten started on that.

I’ve had a couple of days off writing, relaxing in the evenings to make sure that I sleep better. I really think that writing right before bed is a bad idea for me because all through the night I am then consumed by thoughts about whatever it is I’ve been working on. To this end, I’m going to have to try and fit my writing in before we eat dinner because after that it’s all hands on deck until the girls are in bed, then I think I just want to reserve my evenings for spending with Hubby.

Oh, Lauren’s first tooth really looks like it’s coming through now. I didn’t want to mention anything until I could be sure, but I can see clearly where it’s coming in, and fingers crossed it doesn’t take too much longer!

Anyway, must go. Going to try and fit a few hundred words in before getting Ivy from ABC – hopefully it doesn’t take too long to slide back into TCM.


3 thoughts on “July 1!”

    1. I’ve got a few that are brewing away, I’ll not be writing them until I have them a little better worked out though. I have a bunch that need rewriting/editing, so it’s anyones guess when I’ll get on with it!

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