Thoughts and revelations

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today about my writing, and after yet another person asking me whether I’m going to ‘work’ soon and wanting to tell them that I AM working, I’ve realized that I am working. I know that might sound odd, but it’s finally kind of kicked in that the amount of time I spend thinking about my writing, or actually writing, does pretty much equate to working. No, I’m not getting paid for it at the moment, but it’s work nonetheless.Yes I love it and would do it even if I never got paid, but it’s still work.

After my Dad badgered me about getting some part time work from home a couple of weeks ago I remember speaking to my Mum, who said that I was working, but that it didn’t equate to work in his mind because of the lack of pay thing. I guess it didn’t really click then, even though she said it so clearly. She gets that writing isn’t a job in the traditional sense, and she also gets that I am absolutely serious about being a writer.( I love her so much for that, and I appreciate it as well because she is one of the people who always validates me and my decisions.)

And then today I was looking around at places I could submit Birth Rights to and I realized I could get paid for writing (I know, at this point you’re all sitting there going, wow, this girl is seriously slow…). I KNOW people get paid for writing short stories, but I hadn’t made that leap to thinking that I could be one of those people who get paid.

I’ve not been giving myself enough credit. I’ve not been allowing myself to think about the potential to earn a little pocket money, and I’ve certainly not (until today) considered that perhaps if I were to be making some money, any money, out of writing, I could show people that in fact I AM working.

I spoke to Chibi about this, and she did a wonderful thing and submitted a story somewhere, which I’m so proud of her for actually doing it. And I spoke to Tama, who totally backed me up with my thoughts, and I also read this blog post here by Ripley which made me think.

I don’t want to be the twenty novel girl, I don’t want to be the fifty story girl either, I want to be a girl who is actually putting herself out there, giving herself some credit for the time, love and dedication she is pouring into her work.

And this isn’t about fame, or money, because we all know most writers don’t get a lot of that. But hell, if I’m going to get nagged about a job, I want that job to be my writing, not something I loathe.


10 thoughts on “Thoughts and revelations”

  1. I too know that feeling, and sometimes when I’m just sitting, listening to music, I have to be aware that is work too, formulating ideas. writing is not only fingers on a keyboard or a pen to paper.

    go for it with submitting Birth Rights!! this is your career, and only you really know how you want it to evolve.

    and yeah, better to be nagged over something you love… 🙂

  2. You know, I’m working full time right now, and as I haven’t received my first paycheck yet (and won’t for another two weeks), you could technically say by that definition that I’m not working at all yet. Except I am. Work is not defined as “getting paid in the end” and it’s too bad that he has that in his head. But as you know, writing is hard to be understood by some people.

    I think you should submit a story to somewhere. It doesn’t matter where as long as you do. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Ok, you get rejected. You’re no worse off than you were, and at least then, you’ll know. You don’t have to wonder all the time. Pick a place and do it! I felt relieved once I did.

    1. My definition of work doesn’t involve money, but I think it would be the one true way to get any kind of approval about being a writer. Strange, but I think he’d feel more secure in some way knowing that I was earning even a little bit of money here and there.
      Oh and I will be submitting, but the story needs a little work first 🙂 I’m going to get onto it as soon as I have a not so clingy baby.

  3. I am Sooooo proud of you girl!

    I’m sorry I didn’t remember to tell you about getting a storytelling career off the ground – and you probably don’t remember it! It is the most unconventional thing I’ve done work wise, and I quit at about the point it was about to get bigger. That journey to getting confident was huge for me – you know I hate crowds and at that pointed hated being the focus of attention too LOL

    Anyway, what I learnt in that short time is that ALL artists – and writers are artists – by nature of the artistic process, are misunderstood to an extent except by other artists.

    I also learnt that artists need to get their work out there in the public for feedbac – simply the general public read for pleasure and aren’t interested in the craft aspect LOL

    The public feedback and your growing from it is part of honing your craft.

    The journey to mastery is one of putting yourself and your work out there, daring to expose yourself in that, learning from the experiences and constantly honing and growing as an artist. Give people – us joe publics – the chance to simply enjoy your work – as I have, and others.

    In the end, it is the public who will decide what value your artistry has to them.

    What greater joy could there be that writing a story which brings you delight, throwing it out into the public arena and letting others of like mind find it and be delighted too.

    As far as others go – they will find other authors who are telling their legends for them – as it should be.

    As for your friends out here – if their own mothers aren’t proud of them, I certainly am – and thankful. Your dreams and writing make our world all the richer. Don’t hold back, feed us your dreams.


  4. Sometimes these things have to come to each of us in our own way. 🙂 SO glad that you’ve decided to seek out payment for your work. I think someone will absolutely pay you for Birth Rights.

    Can’t wait to see what success you discover.

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