Why my Mum rocks

Last night Mum made her first ever comment on my blog, and I decided to give it a blog post of it’s own because I think it has value, not just to me, but other writer’s as well.


I am Sooooo proud of you girl!

I’m sorry I didn’t remember to tell you about getting a storytelling career off the ground – and you probably don’t remember it! It is the most unconventional thing I’ve done work wise, and I quit at about the point it was about to get bigger. That journey to getting confident was huge for me – you know I hate crowds and at that pointed hated being the focus of attention too LOL

Anyway, what I learnt in that short time is that ALL artists – and writers are artists – by nature of the artistic process, are misunderstood to an extent except by other artists.

I also learnt that artists need to get their work out there in the public for feedbac – simply the general public read for pleasure and aren’t interested in the craft aspect LOL

The public feedback and your growing from it is part of honing your craft.

The journey to mastery is one of putting yourself and your work out there, daring to expose yourself in that, learning from the experiences and constantly honing and growing as an artist. Give people – us joe publics – the chance to simply enjoy your work – as I have, and others.

In the end, it is the public who will decide what value your artistry has to them.

What greater joy could there be that writing a story which brings you delight, throwing it out into the public arena and letting others of like mind find it and be delighted too.

As far as others go – they will find other authors who are telling their legends for them – as it should be.

As for your friends out here – if their own mothers aren’t proud of them, I certainly am – and thankful. Your dreams and writing make our world all the richer. Don’t hold back, feed us your dreams.



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