A strange day

Seriously, one weird day, but not bad in any way, just… different somehow.

We were having a good morning, Hubby came home sick from work, which meant I had a little more ability to get the washing on the line, the house is looking pretty good and I got some little jobs out of the way,we all had lunch together at the table (a rare occurance!), Ivy had lots of fun (I don’t really think I did anything special, maybe it was the pastels I let her play with?), then when I did take her down to daycare she didn’t want me to go, which was fine. I hung out for awhile until she took off with one of her friends and waved me goodbye. Then after we got home Lauren and I had a ball together, we laughed a lot, it was just really nice. Then she slept on me while I watched Mythbusters, it was almost as if Hubby wasn’t even home! Normally he commandeers the TV when he’s home sick lol.

And now here we are… and, it’s just been really nice. I feel so relaxed and everyone is happy, it’s beautiful. The soup smells divine, and I can’t wait to eat it, Ivy is almost ready for bed and then there will probably just be Lauren and me up because I bet hubby will retire to bed as well.

I’m not really sure what is different, but something is, and it’s nice. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I hope I figure out what it is, or that whatever it is continues, because I like this – a lot. I even managed to do a little writing and I am sure I’ll get more done later.

What’s going on?? So strange, and yet so good.


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