Stocking up on shinies

Yesterday, I took a slightly different approach to things. I know I’m meant to be working on finishing up TCM but what I really wanted to do was work on Birth Rights.

So I did.

It still needs a little more work. I want to try a couple of different versions as some suggestions were made and I want to see how they change the overall feel of the story. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll be happy with where it’s at. It didn’t feel like I had done much work though, so when I went to bed early I got Lauren to sleep and made some notes in my phone.

4 new short story ideas! Some of them should be a lot of fun to write, other’s need more thinking time before I am anywhere near ready to write them, but all the same, it’s exciting to have some new ideas, and confidence boosting to know that if I sit down to think up ideas, I’m actually able to get some.

I did actually do a little work on TCM, but because I wanted to. This is a new approach – following my wants rather than a trying to keep my focus on the WIP – and who knows whether it will work or not. I think giving myself a little freedom though, while still sticking to my goals, is going to be a positive thing.

Not sure what today holds, but I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂


2 thoughts on “Stocking up on shinies”

  1. That’s exciting! I would love to see the new version of Birth Rights. Personally, I loved the story the way that it was, however it would be interesting to see what the alterations bring. Don’t leave me in the dark!

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