Weekend wrap-up

It wasn’t nearly as productive as I would have liked, but that is just the way things go sometimes. On the bright side, I did manage to tidy the computer room and it’s a much nicer space to be in. Just need to finish a couple of paintings and hang some things on the walls and it’ll be great 🙂

Oh, we’ve kind of started pulling wallpaper in our room. In our defence, it’s peeling at both edges of every single piece, to be honest we’ve done well NOT to peel it before now. It’s been tempting me for a long time and a few days ago I pulled a strip off below the window. Not a single scrap was left on the wall, that’s how badly glued it is. Then today I saw that one of the full length pieces on the other side of the room was just about off….

Oh Husband Dearest? Yeah, he confessed, and then enjoyed pulling the whole sheet off lol I think we’ll give in eventually and have a paper stripping bonanza, but then I guess we will need to pick some paint and put that on the walls, though the white of the board beneath is very light and bright.

Anyways… I was actually going to blog about the writing. I managed 1k on TCM last night and am predicting that the story needs another 10K or so to be complete, so the end of the month is still looking pretty good for finishing.

I did a little more work on Birth Rights today as well and feel like I clarified the things that needed it, and am possibly happy with it, though not the ending, not quite. I hate endings, I’m not good at them, or at least feel I could do a lot better. So I’ll let this one sit for tomorrow and then take another look and see what I can do with it. I don’t want to start submitting it until I feel like I’ve got it right, though it shouldn’t take too much longer – there is certainly a point at which you stop being a writer trying to make sure your work is the best it can be, and a writer who is putting off submitting. I don’t want to cross that line.

Okay, it’s 9.10pm, and while I’m very tired, I think I’ll try and write until half past and then call it a night. At least I’ll feel like I’ve gotten a bit more done this weekend that way, and be closer to ‘the end’.

Speaking of ‘the end’: how many of you actually write those words when you finish writing a story or novel? I don’t… I guess because it’s not really the end, as no doubt there will be other drafts and edits to come.


4 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. I’ve never typed “the end” either. I guess I don’t think about it, and I never think my stuff is done anyway, lol.

    So what does the new ending for Birth Rights look like?

  2. I wrote “the end” at the end of one of my short stories. Granted, it was a faery tale. Those two words seem to belong at the end of a story like that… I blame Disney!

  3. I absolutely do! Otherwise I feel like it’s just like any other time I’ve stopped writing. I thought it was a bit cheesy the first time I did it but now it’s just part of acknowledging the first draft is done!

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