Well, I haven’t managed any writing today, but I did tick a few things off my list – I finished reading Lee’s novel, and I finished hashing out the end of TCM.

It’s not going to end how I thought it would. At all. In fact, for a moment I resisted jotting down what was going to happen. I wanted to fight against it – surely this wasn’t how it would all turn out? But it is, simple as that. No happy ending for my MC, just an ending, and success at achieving her goal even if she doesn’t end up getting what she wants in other ways.

And that’s okay, it’ll be the right ending for the story, just not the one I’d expected. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Now I just have to write the thing, and I have to admit to feeling a bit flat about getting around to that. I’m going to, I want to, but I think I’ve hit that ‘it’s going to be over soon and I’m not quite ready’ phase. You know, the one where you know you won’t be coming back to something for a little while? As much as I do want to be done and back to Lifelines, I’m still a little sad about saying goodbye to Mel and the crew.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on getting a few more things out of the way too: write the review for Lee, get at least 500 words more down on TCM, go over the ending of Birth Rights again and work up some ideas for the SpecFicNZ logo. I downloaded a free programme this evening and can’t wait to play around with it tomorrow! It should be fun.

But right now I have a red cheeked girl to get to bed, and a book to read. I started Otherland by Tad Williams again after putting it down…. gee, 6 years ago? At that time I was reading it out loud to my dyslexic then boyfriend and we both got frustrated – him at the big words I had to explain and me at reading a novel at a pace slower than normal. I thought it was well and truly time to give it another go.


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