Back in the flow

Words, coming out, quickly, thank goodness! I gave myself ten minutes yesterday and got into some writing, and have done the same again today (well, a little more than ten minutes, which is just as well because there are lots of words to write).

Everything in the story is building up, gaining momentum, the outcome inevitable (in some respects anyways, I guess cause I know where this all ends). I know at some point I’m going to have to stop to think about the time delay I need to add in, but maybe I’ll just have a epilogue. Oooo I’ve never done an epilogue, that could be fun! And you know what? It actually solves my dilemma perfectly as well.

You know, I might finish this baby before the month is out after all… that’s a scary thought.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have just had that coffee… it’s a bit late in the day for a caffeine hit (as you can probably tell!). Ah, I’m just so excited, and I know I should be writing instead of writing about writing, but I have to get off this computer in a minute and I just wanted to update 🙂

Short sharp writing sessions are now the key, and if I can wrestle the laptop from Hubby I’ll be writing in bed, sleep be damned, I’m getting close now and this story can penetrate my dreams as much as it likes for the next few days.

I love writing.


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