Sickness sucks

So, Ivy had a tummy bug over the weekend, which she has lovingly shared with us all, thankfully she’s the only one who has actually vomited, the rest of us are just suffering sore tummies, sore heads, throats, ears and eyes. Lauren has a cold too, so she has a runny nose to go with it.

Oh the fun! Last night was long and uncomfortable for the both of us – I spent most of it on the couch with her trying to get in an upright enough position to allow her to get a decent sleep, generally this does mean I give up sleep of my own but hey that’s what you do. The girls come first. I don’t think tonight is going to be much better, but we can hope. That little nose just keeps running and running.

So, perhaps no writing today, and no bonus stuff last night because she woke up terribly upset and I’ve barely put her down since. It’s given me plenty of time to read though so I’ve finished Leah, and another book that I was reading as well. Hoping to get my review out tomorrow, or the  next day depending on the level of general illness in the house.

Too tired to think, head too sore to want to. Off to cuddle up with my man and my baby on the couch. Though I envy Ivy who is already tucked up nice and warm in bed, fast asleep.


3 thoughts on “Sickness sucks”

  1. Thanks for the well wishes! Hubby is sneezing pretty bad, which woke Lauren up so now we’re ‘up’ for now! Arg, been awake since 3am. it’s gonna be another long day, but at least Lauren’s in a better mood!

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