Minor success

Well, I did manage around 500 words last night which felt fantastic. The story has taken a slight turn, and now I’m uncertain whether to forge ahead with the original outline, or drop the next chunk of it in return for the last. Considering the situation, and the conversations that have just occurred in the story it makes sense to, but that also means a lot less writing!

As much as I’m looking forward to being done, losing a chunk of story and realizing I could be finished this sooner than expected is a little sad. I will miss these characters, and while parts of the story need massive amounts of reworking, it’s been a fun ride.

While I was sitting in bed with the laptop pondering my next move, Lauren half woke and crawled from her spot in the bed up onto my chest and made herself comfortable, fast asleep. I took it as a good prompt to put the laptop aside and give into the pull of sleep myself. Am glad I did because we got almost 5 hours that first round, the most sleep I’ve had in a row in a week now! Silly sickness, definitely means it’s passing though, at least for the little ones, Hubby had another sneeze attack around 3am.

And I dreamed of paint. I made the decision to buy undercoat and get started on the walls in our room, and probably the hallway as well because I really want to see how different it looks when it’s not a dark terracotta colour (other than the window in the front door which is made of that bumpy glass, the hall gets it’s light from other rooms, so it’s pretty dark). So naturally, that means next pay we’re  buying paint and I’ve got to find a good colour to go in the main living areas, and decide what to do with our room. It’s harder than I thought it would be, and the dreams of paint swatches and test pots did nothing to clear things up. I’m gonna call in my step dad for a consult, lol he’s a fine arts student at the moment and his eye for colour is superb – the new lino in their bathroom is stunning, and I’ve never said that about lino before in my life!

Any colour suggestions and ideas welcome!


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