A very good weekend

It’s been lovely – I had some friends visiting from Wellington that I hadn’t seen in ages. We all just chilled out, played some Rock Band, talked, sat in the sun, it was very relaxing and just what I needed. I feel energised knowing that I took an actual day off stuff as well!

The girls were both on their best behaviour too which was lovely. Ivy seems to be over her moodiness and Lauren was just her normal lovable self, and not as clingy as she has been lately – she even let Rachel hold her lots, which is impressive because she’s been terribly picky about who can hold her this last, well, month or so. I can see another line in her gum, so it looks like the second bottom tooth will be coming through, of course, just as she gets over her cold she heads into teething mode again ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

As for everything else… well, I didn’t write yesterday, I didn’t even try, though I did attempt to write a review (and failed). I gave up and left it for this morning where I managed to get one done. I’m hoping to write the other two tonight which will mean I have no reviews to write for the next week. Tomorrow I am setting aside to finish the crit I’m doing for Karen’s latest chapters, which will leave me a couple of days to hash out those short stories before August hits.

And I am really looking forward to getting back into Lifelines. Karen has been reading it for me and by the sounds of it she’s really enjoying it! This is incredibly encouraging, and makes me even more keen to get back into it. I won’t start until I have her notes back which will give me two sets of feedback, Fran is also reading Lifelines but I’m not holding her to any deadlines for very good reasons, I’m really looking forward to hearing what she thinks though.

It feels fantastic to be excited about editing, I think I am more than ready for it now.

Anyways, best get that review written before I run out of time again! I’m giving Hubby a quick driving lesson on the way to Mum’s for dinner tonight…. I’m not the best teacher at all, but fingers crossed it goes okay!


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