I’ve had a fantastic day. I feel amazing, about pretty much everything that is going on in my life right now. I guess this month off has actually managed to change a few things for me! I’m certainly feeling better for it, and am pretty sure that I can continue on with this kind of pace in mind, making progress but not killing myself in the process.

By 9.30am this morning I had washed the dishes, done the vacuuming and cleaning, bathed and dressed the girls, got soup sorted and into the crock pot for dinner, and done a load of washing and hung it on the line. I got to sit down, enjoy a coffee and have the rest of the day ahead of me, free of household tasks.  I love that I finally have the house to a place where it takes so little time to keep it in order. Ahhhh bliss. I even took the girls out for a walk to the supermarket rather than driving! Felt great to be out in the sun.

Which meant this afternoon I FINALLY got my review done for Leah, Lauren had a good hour and a halfs sleep (more than she’s napped for in bed in the whole of the last week). Being that I’d gotten Karen’s crit out of the way yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to do with my time, but I spent it doing a little research for the next short story that I am going to be working on. I don’t normally do research for shorts, but I wanted to make sure that the theories I was basing the premise on were correct, and they are so I’m good to go tomorrow!

And Lauren is in a surprisingly good mood considering her tooth is quickly making it’s way through the gum. What a great day!

I’ve also spent some time thinking about what will come after Lifelines under goes it’s next round of edits, and I think I’m going to try and complete the Resurgence trilogy. I’ll have to read through the first two novels to reaquaint myself with everything, and goodness knows they both need a heap of work, but it will be good to get some kind of plan underway for the third book while I get Lifelines up to scratch.

That’s it for me for now anyways 🙂 Hope everyone else is having a great day too!


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