When Worlds collide

One of the ideas I generated a couple of weeks ago was instantly something I knew that lent itself to a novel rather than a short story – the more time I spend thinking about it, the more the world in which it is set comes to life. I have a few characers making themselves known, and a plot which is ticking away nicely, and while the idea excites me I’m in no rush to write the novel, content rather to develop the culture and world it is set until I have a space open to write.

That said… when I started thinking about the Resurgence trilogy, I realized there was an event in the second book which fit perfectly with the new idea. I mean, it’s so perfect that it’s as if I wrote it into Ayden knowing about this new idea. At the time I wrote it I was wondering where on earth it had come from as it had very little to do with the main story – it’s an outside event that one of the characters noticed when she arrived at a port city – strange ships had been seen, people were leaving town, it had been a very long time since any real threat had presented and the people were worried.

Who were the people in the ships? Were they going to attack, or were they scouting? Well, I know now πŸ˜‰

It’s been interesting to mesh these two worlds together, not that I think any of the cast of Resurgence will be making an appearance in this new novel, but the peoples of each continent are quite different and there will certainly be a culture clash occuring. It’s made me think more deeply about the backgrounds of my present cast and realize that there is a lot there that I have yet to bring out, I’m really looking forward to going back and developing the first and second novels more, and seeing where the third one takes us.

I really love writing, and it’s nice to have these thoughts ticking away, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be well and truly ready to launch into book three when I get Lifelines done.


5 thoughts on “When Worlds collide”

    1. Oh, I am sure you’ll have a chance at some point! I think I’ll be putting up some excerpts when I get stuck into rewriting Lifelines.

  1. Have had that happen a number of times. Two seemingly random ideas crashing into one another and something new comes along.

    I made a post a couple of weeks back about something similar happening. There was a line in a short story I’d done that wasn’t meant to mean anything much, just put in to help explain one of the character’s character. But I thought about it and then realised just how perfectly it tied in with what the person he was talking with does in another story. I just sat back and went ‘wow – this works’. Now I just need to write that other story…

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