Crazy confessions

I was thinking today (btw, this is completely unrelated to writing, and possibly more information about me than you might want to know – you’ve been warned!), now that I have finally started to exercise again and am working in earnest to get back to some kind of decent shape and size,Β  a very old ‘goal’ sprang to mind.

It’s not something I have thought about for years now, but one of my long standing goals is to appear as one of those half naked dead girls in a thriller/horror movie.

Yes, I know, completely random, and possibly something only a few people might admit to wanting to do before they die, but there it is.

To this end, I’ve actually got a short movie idea in mind, and another thing on my goal list is to make said movie, and appear in it. But I certainly will not be getting my kit off until I’m back in shape – could it be that this strange pipe dream is enough to motivate me? We’ll see.

So there you have it. One of the strange things I have on my to-do list.

Go on, what wacky things are on yours?


12 thoughts on “Crazy confessions”

  1. I don’t have anything wacky enough to hold up to that but if it’s going to motivate you to get in shape then that’s the important part.

    P.S. I’d love to be involved in the movie. I’m sure I’ve got a good scream in me. πŸ™‚

  2. LOL, my wacky thing is to walk down a runway once modeling clothes πŸ˜› Preferably a *small* and obscure runway, perhaps something at a local mall.

    And being on a reality TV show, if only to be the first one kicked off. Wacky, I know, because in some ways cameras terrify me πŸ˜› But still something that would be fun!

    1. Great goals! I think you could totally do them, well, the first at least!
      I actually modeled a wedding dress on a runway at a wedding expo a couple of years ago – totally fun, so cool getting hair and make up done and you barely stop to think about the fact that there are a heap of people looking at you! Mind you, I think it’s very hard to look bad in an expensive wedding dress πŸ˜‰

  3. I used to dream of starting a progressive heavy metal band that did rock operas based on classics like Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound and Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. I’d be playing an electric viola with guitars, keyboards, and a full orchestra behind me.

    Then I realized that I was merely a competent violist, and that I would never get any better. So my dream band ended up playing a central role in a novel I started working on in college. πŸ™‚

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