Finding time

It’s been a struggle this week to find time to get any writing done. At least, a struggle to find obvious time anyway, the reality was that I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I needed to make an effort to squeeze some time for my writing into the day, to put my foot down so to speak, once again.

And I did, reclaimed a few minutes here and there, wrote while the girls played together rather than getting involved myself – thankfully they are doing this more and more and fingers crossed it equates to more writing time for me. I’ve reached a point where I’m actually quite worried about how the editing on Lifelines is going to go though, knowing that all I really have is a small patches of time and feeling sure that an hour or so in one go would be better suited to editing work.

I have to take what I can get, and trust that eventually the baby will sleep better. In the meantime though – is it actually possible to do a decent job of editing in ten minute patches? Or am I just going to end up bashing my head against a wall in frustration? Watch this space, we’ll find out over the next month.

Which brings me to the next point. It’s the end of July! Where did the month go?

I’ve had a great month ‘off’, I finished TCM, wrote a short story, started another one, generated a bunch of ideas for both shorts and novels, de-stressed and started getting more stuff done around the house. It was a good month, and while maybe not as productive as I might have liked I am really happy with what I have done.

August means launching into Lifelines. Karen has given me some great feedback and hope as well, which I think is important when you’re working on a novel and getting closer to the end of the process. As well as this I have a few short stories still underway and I want to keep working on those too. I’m excited that they are getting better, and that I’m enjoying the process a lot more than I used to, there are a few comps coming up which I’ll be entering, purely for the experience rather than out of any misguided idea that I might win! lol


9 thoughts on “Finding time”

  1. Ooh, I so know how you feel. There are just not enough hours in the day. I’m grateful that there’s a long weekend this weekend; I want to hole up in the computer room one day and just spend time by myself. I’m so sick of spending time with so many people! It’s endlessly frustrating.

  2. Though I’m not a parent myself, I sympathize. When you have a day job in technology that requires that you work outside the office to stay current, it can be difficult to take time to write, and it is sometimes tempting to forget that the day job is just to pay the bills until you make the big time as a writer.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by, and commenting πŸ™‚

      Sounds like that situation would make it hard as well, I think there are always going to be challenges to progress when it comes to writing, the key is to find a way to write around them.

      1. Thanks for replying. That situation did present its challenges, but I was eventually able to build a routine around it. Of course, since I had quit my job recently I’ve been without that routine. In fact, I had blogged about that tonight instead of working on Starbreaker as I had set out to do, but that’s all right. At least I wrote something.

        It also helped that I sat down, thought about it, and made some decisions. I decided that I wanted to be a loving husband and a writer first, and that I did not care if I got another job as a computer programmer. If I do, great. If I have to clean toilets for a living while I polish my novel and find somebody willing to take a chance on it, I’ll damn well clean toilets. That’s how I got through college, after all. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, whatever you have to do!
    Finding a new routine can be really hard, I know that… rebalancing after having a baby last October certainly took a long time, and currently I just have to grab time where I can find it!
    Good luck finding a way to get the writing done though πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks. Things will probably fall back into place once I get a new day job and a new apartment. No worries.

  4. I know right? Some unknown entity always snatches time away from me as well. I suppose the important thing is that it bothers me when I am away for too long, which means that I am never truly away.

    Christa occupies most of my time outside of work, and often enough I feel too tired and mentally drained to do much.

    1. Ah yes, tired, drained… I’m feeling that right now. Little ones are the absolute best reason not to be writing.
      And you are so right, the fact that you hate being away from the writing for too long means you are always going back to it, and I find that the thinking part of writing is actually very important! We have to process and develop ideas before we can put them down on the page πŸ™‚

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