This weeks goals

Now that July is well and truly over, I’m allowed to go back to setting more strict goals for myself! Yay, goals, I missed you.

So the list for writing this week looks something like this: Finish working through the comments on Lifelines (I’m halfway through), break it into chapters, compile a healthy list of bigger changes to be made, and finish writing The Great Escape.

I think I’ll be trying to polish off one short story a week this month, it’ll be really nice to shorten the list of half finished works sitting around. Not to mention that I made a deal to enter all those upcoming comps and I need completed stories to do that!

I’m feeling really positive about where I am at, and so far am enjoying working on Lifelines again – it’s strange to think that I’m getting closer to the ‘finished’ end of the novel spectrum and that ‘begun’ is quite far behind me now. I have to wonder whether I’ll ever think it’s good enough, but then, I hear that’s pretty common when it comes to writers 😉


9 thoughts on “This weeks goals”

    1. /hides in shame
      It’s being ignored… I made changes, wasn’t sure how I felt about them and well yeah… lol it’s been over a week since I looked at it! Or was that two? I should send it to you, bad me… mind you, you were the only one who didn’t suggest changes. Oh gee now you have me overthinking the whole thing.
      It’ll be emailed today.

  1. Good luck. I’ll be happy if I finish “Build the Perfect Beast” by the end of August, since I also have to help pack up the apartment while looking for a new day job.

  2. for every time I *think* I’m done, when I take *one more look* I still find something to change, alter, sometimes rather more than I assumed…

    no, I think as writers we’ll always see SOMETHING in need of editing… 🙂

  3. Great job with setting goals! I try that and I’m so bad at keeping them. It’s like I need some external force to make me keep going, which is bad. I need to practice better self discipline.

      1. I use my wife for that; I’m lucky that she’s hooked on my work, and willing to ask, “So, what have you done to Morgan and his friends today?” I put my characters through hell.

  4. I heard a rule once that if you’re changing less than 10% then it’s done. We’ll always find something to change and when we’re so close to the work it’s hard to know if the changes we are making are to the better.

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