Starting the week right

Finally! it’s taken me until late afternoon to write about yesterday… wow, where has the day gone? It’s been devoured by children I think, and rain, and slow but early starts.

I managed to make it all the way through to the end of the comments on Lifelines yesterday, which felt like a nice achievement, and today I’ve been making chapters. It feels easier than I expected, which suggests I’ve spent far too long over-thinking chapters, and perhaps from now on won’t be too worried about them!

This gentle easing into editing was chosen deliberately. It’s been… well, a year since I finished the second draft of this novel and I’ve managed to avoid it one way or another since then, but I really want this to be the last push. I don’t want to set it aside for another project until it’s ‘ready’ for submission.

Okay, since starting this post I’ve almost finished with the chapters, which means I can start on the more in depth editing stuff tomorrow. I think I’ll pause though and try to get the Great Escape finished as I’d love to get that ticked off the list this week. I’m really feeling like I have some balance going at the moment, and managing to get the household stuff done while Lauren is awake means that as soon as I manage to get her down for a nap I can get stuck into my writing.

It’s working at the moment, though I think it might take awhile before the temptation to skive off and do other stuff doesn’t hit me when I get the spare time. As with anything else, habits take a little time to form, I just have to stick with it until it does 🙂


2 thoughts on “Starting the week right”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re making progress. I did Starbreaker in a manner similar to your Lifelines project; working on a scene-by-scene basis and worrying about how to divide up the novel later. I’d switch to a new scene every time I wanted to change viewpoint characters, as I wrote from a third-person viewpoint within a given character’s head.

    However, with the second draft I haven’t planned out all of the chapters in advance. Instead, I’m working one chapter at a time, adding scenes from the first draft, rewriting them, or writing new scenes until I’m satisfied with that chapter. That’s why Chapter 1, “Fire of Unknown Origin”, has ten scenes, but Chapter 2, “Build the Perfect Beast”, has only five at the moment. 🙂

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