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Well, yesterday something amazing happened. And I mean, truly amazing, virtually unheard of, completely out of the blue – Lauren slept for almost three hours.

I’m pretty sure she would have hit 3, and maybe more if my Dad hadn’t shown up and the dog hadn’t barked very loudly up and down the hallway next to where she was sleeping…ah well. It was just one sleep yesterday, and we’re very much not ready to be a one sleep a day baby (her or me, mostly me). But, if she’s gonna do three hours at one nap and be happy the rest of the time, I’ll have to reconsider. Currently she’s getting around 2 hours a day, but some days not even that. Such an anti sleep child…

Anyways, I wasted most of the first hour she was asleep, and then I realized she was going to stay down longer and made myself get stuck into writing. The Great Escape is now almost 2000 words long and coming along nicely, am really happy with how it is coming out though I think I’ll have to rewrite the start because my style is a little different to how it was a few years ago. Anyway, I’m hoping to have that finished today, or tomorrow at the latest (first draft anyway).

I’d like to do the first chapter of Lifelines on Friday as Ivy will be at preschool all day and hopefully Lauren will have another mammoth sleep. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it, but this short needs to be out of the way first.


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  1. when my son was over a year, he got one nap in the afternoon, but then fought sleep until nearly 10 PM every night. was it seeing his older sister not taking a nap? she was two and a half, slept like a log at night (still does!), and we gave it a go, struggling with a cranky toddler in the afternoons, but then at 8 PM he was done.

    he’s never needed a lot of sleep (and now I wonder if it was the Asperger’s) but it was just futile trying to get him down for that afternoon nap when he’d be wide awake so late at night.

    I know Lauren’s not quite a year, but every baby is different. maybe experiment with this, see how she goes.

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