Today is a new day

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a thing done yesterday! Between several visitors, and the girls needing me, there was just no space in the day for me. It happens, just one of those days – am hoping that today will go a bit better.

That said, I’ve been derailed a little bit. Not finishing the short story yesterday means I will want to spend a little time on that today to try and get it done, which means starting the first chapter of Lifelines a little later than I would have liked. And then there is that snippet of dream from last night… the idea that I developed in the wakeful periods of the night when I was helping Lauren resettle…. the one I just have to write, have in fact started writing.

I’m not going to finish it though, I just needed to get it started, I needed to see Johnny, Mack and Ellie on the page, secure until I can get back to them, paused in a brief moment when they all seem happy. When they are all alive.

It’s actually really strange to me that these characters all have such solid names, solid as in I knew them without having to think them up. I can see them, dark haired Johnny and Mack, fair haired Ellie in her floaty white dress. Ah…. I have to go write, the kids are content playing for a moment. I have got to write.


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