TODAY is a new day?

I bombed yesterday, big time. Nothing done, not a thing! Lauren has been tricking me and falling asleep on me when I least expect it… and then refusing to sleep when I try and put her to bed.

So I spent four hours yesterday being a bed, an hour chatting with a friend and laughing hysterically over the short movie my group made for an assignment back in design school. Our lecturer put it on Youtube… I haven’t seen it in… well, nine years I guess and it was a big blast from the past. I think it’s more funny for me because I remember making it, I know how much fun we had, it’s so lame, but makes me laugh a lot. The rest of the day was just normal, and there was no space to write. Oh and we watched the wedding video, which was lovely. It was such an awesome day and I’m glad the DVD reflects that.

Oh hang on, I did get around 400 words out in the morning, so I guess I did get something done after all!

In order not to start getting frustrated though, I need to finish something this weekend. A short story, a chapter, one of the two. I’m not sure what, but Ivy is out with my Mum this afternoon to see a show so maybe I’ll get some time to write.

In other news, my private belief that Lauren was a cat in another lifetime has been proved, she’s growling and rawring like a tiger and has the claws to prove it.


8 thoughts on “TODAY is a new day?”

  1. Try Lauren on catnip and see what happens. 🙂 Good job getting 400 words down despite everything else. Aside from 500 words on Roger Ebert’s carping, I’ve written bugger-all today.

      1. Well, she’ll probably go crazy first, and then curl up and go to sleep if you give her a hit of catnip. At least, that’s how it works with my cat.

  2. I am? I’m kind of hoping both my girls are tomboys… lol I was one, and I think it’s a lot safer than having a girly girl, and well, less taxing!

    1. Well, my wife Catherine was one. She still is. I had to pry my DS out of her hands while she slept so I could plug it in for a recharge.

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