Weekend over

Can you believe it’s the 10th of August already?

Despite all the little things getting in the way of my writing, I’m managing to get out around 500 words a day – nowhere near what I would like to be doing, but something nonetheless. My three short stories on the go are sitting there waiting to be finished, and yes I know I could have finished the first one and not started two more with those 500 words a day, but meh.

Today I’m going to try and get the first one done. And also to get stuck into chapter one of Lifelines which has been sorely neglected. I read over it on the weekend, but didn’t get a chance to get stuck into it. If/when Lauren has a sleep this afternoon in bed, then I will make it my first priority.

Other weekend happenings – hubby is driving. We’ve had hardly any lessons but he’s been driving the scooter for almost two years now, so knows the road stuff and it’s just a matter of getting used to my car. Which he is doing rapidly. I’m getting him his own car-key cut today, and from now on I am going to have to relinquish my role as driver and let him build up his confidence.

It feels weird. I’ve been driving us all around for four years now and all of a sudden, I’m a passenger. I guess soon I won’t be able to call it my car, it’ll be ‘ours’. On the bright side, it means he can do the late night supermarket trips for milk or whatever else we desperately need. He can go pick up Ivy from preschool, or grab pizza, or whatever. It does free me up in that sense, which is lovely.

Anyways, better go and sort out morning tea for the girls. And then try and sneak in a little writing!


6 thoughts on “Weekend over”

    1. aw, I am sure she’ll drive well – and at least this way by the time she has kids if she decides to, she’ll be well and truly experience behind the wheel!

  1. It’s always nice to have the spouse drive πŸ™‚ Of course I’m the one who uses the car and tends to be driving all over town–hubby uses his motorcycle when the weather’s nice.

    But if we’re driving long distances or through major cities (like Cincinnati…horrible highways to drive on!) I make him do it. πŸ˜›

    1. Yeah, I am looking forward to sharing the long distance driving. I did a four and a half hour drive to visit my Dad and back when I was 35 weeks pregnant, wasn’t the best thing to be doing at that point but it was the last chance for a visit! Would have been great to share driving then, and I am sure there will be other times it will help in the future.

  2. A parent sneaking in writing seems to be common place. I’m glad that you find the time, as you are a very talented writer. In a few weeks, I’m going to a cabin that I booked for a little solitude. Writing excursions are always a good thing.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

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