NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging week

Keep the 14th-20th of September bookmarked for NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week.

What is it?
This is an opportunity for anyone in (or even with links to) New Zealand to talk about Speculative Fiction, to publicise what they’ve been doing or simply share some knowledge. It’s an opportunity to learn what others have been reading, writing, watching or drawing, to start a conversation, to gather some recommendations for reading or some tips for writing.

NZ is a small country but we have many wonderful creators of speculative fiction here, most of whom don’t get enough publicity or credit. We really want to raise the profile of Spec Fic within NZ, so join in, have a little pride in our country or if you’re not a native, why not check out the posts this week and learn some more about whats going on down here in our little slice of paradise.

NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week is being organised by Core members of SpecFicNZ. We are working towards the launch of a national SpecFic Writers organisation in 2010.

How can you participate?

1) Help get the word out! Link to this page on Anna’s site, tell your friends, encourage people you know to write.

2) Write a blog post any time from 14th to 20th September, about anything to do with Speculative Fiction in NZ. If you’ve read a book or story by an NZ Speculative Fiction author why not write a review? Post your own work, or highlight someone elses, find out what’s out there and talk about it.

And don’t forget to post a link to your post back to Anna’s page so that other people can find it. Comments over there are screened to stop spam, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up straight away – she’ll be checking in frequently.

3) Check back over the week to see what others have written. Discover what other people are thinking, doing and writing, and don’t forget to comment – you may get some interesting conversations going or even meet some new friends.


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