Well, after an incredibly frustrating day in which I got nothing done, again, and contemplated going on a murderous rampage because I am THAT over not having an oven, I got some writing done. Not only that but I completed the first draft of The Great Escape. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’s done for now and once I’ve tweaked and polished it up, I’ll post it up on the story time page.

On with the next thing! I’ve yet to decide whether to finish my modernisation of Snow White, or finish Johnny’s story next, but it’ll be one of them.

As for Lifelines… well, I really do need to find that damn Microsoft CD so I can put the code into the version on this machine. I last remember using it when installing it on the old laptop… which I think was 2-3years ago, two house moves ago, so it could be a long hunt. But until I have Word working right on the laptop, I am less flexible with my editing. Every day, I hope that Lauren will be over this long lasting, unpleasant cold, but it’s not happened yet. I’m sure it’s not been here that long but there seems to have been cold after cold, with teething and a growth spurt thrown into the mix for the last month now.

At least I’m not feeling as frustrated as I was last night. I ended up taking the laptop to bed and writing until 10pm, which is about an hour later than I normally go to sleep these days. I had to force myself to do it, but it was worth it to feel like I was making some progress. I really need to hunt out that CD… I might make that my task today, the girls will enjoy watching me search endlessly for it I am sure!

Oh, in other news, I forgot to mention that our Xbox360 is dead /cries. We got the red circle of death on Sunday and are sending it in to get fixed this afternoon. We’ll be without for probably a month /cries again. Ah well!


8 thoughts on “Yay!”

  1. Congratulations on finishing your first draft of The Great Escape, Cassie. You have my email if you want me to have a look at it.

    If you’re having trouble getting Microsoft Turd (or any other part of Orifice) working on your laptop, why not try OpenOffice? It’s a little clunky, but it’s free, runs on Windows, and works Microsoft Turd documents.

    Sorry to hear about your 360; I held off on getting one for a couple of years because of the Red Ring of Death. I haven’t had any trouble yet (but that’s because I’m punctual about the burnt offerings), but that doesn’t mean I can’t empathize.

    1. I’d have to download open office… mind you, it might be quicker than finding the cd!
      The newer Xbox’s don’t have as many issues as the old ones – our issues possibly stem from a little girl playing lego indiana jones and getting too close to the machine with her feet…. or it could just be an unhappy coincidence! lol either way, aforementioned girl will be glued to a seat next time she gets a chance to play…..
      Oh and thanks for offering to look over the story, it’s well and truly not ready to be viewed yet! lol though I always tend to think that.

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