Where there is a will…

there IS a way!

I got much more done yesterday than I imagined I would. I’d all but written the day off, but I managed to write a few hundred words on Snow White while Lauren had a quick nap in the afternoon and because I was cooking in the crock pot I had time before dinner to sit down and begin work on Lifelines.

Zomg, I actually started! And you know what? It’s decent reading, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve only made some small changes so far and am not finished the first chapter, but it wasn’t bad work for the limited time I did have. It felt pretty darn good to finally be getting into the work of it though and I’m going to forge ahead and grab time wherever I can find it.

Then I took the laptop to bed and added a couple more hundred words to Snow White. Obviously things are clicking for me at the moment and while I’m not making huge amounts of progress, it’s moving forward all the same. I should be able to finish up the short story by the end of the week and possibly get chapter 1 and 2 ‘done’ on Lifelines.


9 thoughts on “Where there is a will…”

    1. lol it’s much harder to think up daily crock pot meals than daily frying pan ones. Besides, that would mean I’d have to be organized early in the day EVERY day, and I just don’t see that happening! hehe

  1. Good work. I have to get off my ass and actually write something, instead of writing about writing. I’ll do it tomorrow; it’s too late tonight. *big kitty yawn*

    1. oh but writing about writing is so fun… lol no, you should definitely write something soon 🙂 The big kitty yawn thing is making me let you off tonight.

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