3 down, 25 to go

I made some good progress yesterday, managing to get the first three chapters of Lifelines edited. I’m really enjoying the story so far and have been tightening things up and cutting out the unimportant bits. It’s actually kind of fun… but then I haven’t hit on any of the bigger things that need changing yet.

I didn’t manage to get any new writing done on Snow White, and while I had hoped to get stuck into it after getting Lauren down for the night it just didn’t happen.

It seems like one night per tooth she has a really bad one – last night was it for her third tooth, it’s coming through pretty quickly on the top left, it’s not through just yet but it shouldn’t be long. Anyway, she was very upset and every time I calmed her down and tried to put her back in bed she would start crying again. Finally, at like, 11pm I gave up and made a nest for us by shoving the couches together and loading it with pillows and blankets. I sat propped up, and she finally went to sleep around midnight after about thirty rounds of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and slept for a good four hours. And then she was up for an hour, then slept for another hour and a half… I was pretty tired this morning, but we’re struggling on. She’s JUST gone down for her second nap of the day, about two hours later than normal, but she needs it. I’d sleep too if I didn’t have to pick Ivy up in a half hour. At least she had an hour and a half earlier today! A late morning sleep = late avo sleep, but at least she’s getting enough.

Anyways… fingers crossed that we get a little more sleep tonight, and tomorrow is a new day. I’m going to try and do some writing on Snow White tonight, but am leaving Lifelines til tomorrow.

We spent a fair bit of time outside this afternoon and Lauren was really enjoying crawling all around the place, the weather is getting nicer (it’s the first morning in ages that we haven’t turned the heater on in the morning!) and I’ve got some plans for the garden – sadly, it’s meant to pour down this weekend, so maybe next one I can get stuck into it and plant the veges. I think I’ll get the materials for framing up the kitchen wall and give that a go though, might as well get it out of the way! I can see all the little things that need doing, we just need the time and money… two things that we often seem to be short on 😉

Anyways, I’m not making the best use of this sleep, Hubby will be home any minute as well so I best get on with it!


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