5 down

Cracking along, in the time that I have, and feeling great about it. I think there are only 28 chapters (I should really be more sure, I only made them 5 days ago…) so I am feeling a lot more hopeful about getting Lifelines done sooner rather than later.

I’m cutting words left right and centre though… it could end up quite a lot shorter than it was originally and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Hopefully the words I am cutting in the first chapters will be replaced when I make the larger scale chances further down the track. I guess what is most important is that the story is tight and well told in the end though, not what the word count is lol.

There is a lot going on this weekend around the house (or rather, I have high hopes of getting a lot done). But I want to balance that out with some writing and editing as well, it’ll be interesting! Wish me luck.

Happy writing everyone!


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