On track

I managed to get my two chapters edited yesterday (YES! – I’m inordinately pleased with myself lately, probably a good thing), as well as getting some stuff critiqued for a friend. I’m slowly ticking things off my list and it feels so good! I should have the extras done in the very near future.

I’m trying to compile a list of my works though, which I guess is an extra – I have a tonne of stuff written and I need to find an easy way to see exactly what there is and what stage things are at.

Is there a programme out there that helps? Or does anyone have a system that they use? One folder for first drafts, one folder for edits and one for final documents? At the moment, each version is clearly labelled and each story/novel/novella has it’s own folder, every version is kept in that folder, but that doesn’t make it easy to see which ones still need work and which don’t. I guess I could move all the ‘finished’ stories folders into a ‘finished’ folder and so on, that might work.

Still, it seems pretty messy… I think having a list of stuff might be helpful for now until I can find a solution to the organization problem.

It’s sunny here this morning, after a fairly unpleasant weekend of weather, so I am hoping to get back into the garden at some stage. Hubby has the day off and we’ll probably be booking him in to sit his restricted licence, and get some other little things done as well. Life is good. I’m very happy, very content.



2 thoughts on “On track”

  1. Yay! I love the feeling when you’re just getting through one thing after another. Let me know if you find a good solution to the organisation issue – at the moment I’m entering everything I write into Sonar and then just memorising what stage it’s at; it’s far from ideal, but at least I have a list of things in progress.

  2. I keep my stories in folders for novels, short stories and then with a folder for themselves. I started a spreadsheet a while ago to keep track of where each project was at. I don’t know that I’ve come across any specific application to do this.

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