Pet Peeves

So, I finished a book last night and discovered at the end a section on the pronounciation of the characters names…..

You’re kidding me right?

You let me read an entire novel and then you tell me that I was reading the names wrong?

You didn’t think to mention that such a section existed at the back of the book?

Or was I miraculously meant to check before I began the novel?

Out of spite, I’m forever going to mispronounce the names of the characters. Seriously, if you want to get particular about names, tell me at the beginning. Otherwise just let me enjoy my interpretation of your choices, don’t make me feel like a fool by showing me how wrong I was at the end.


7 thoughts on “Pet Peeves”

    1. Personally, I see no reason to have a pronunciation guide in the book at all. It works in Tolkien because the man was a linguist, and wrote The Lord of the Rings to provide a pseudohistorical context for his constructed languages, but if I were to put one at the beginning (or, Shabranigdo forbid, the end) of Starbreaker, then my wife would be well justified in kicking my ass.

      And don’t get me started about gratuitous apostrophes. I’ve bribed Beelzebub; he’s got a devil put aside especially for James Clemens. He even has an apostrophe in “witch”, for the love of Hell.

  1. I’d let reader pronounce it any old way they want – but then again I don’t go for names that are meant to be strangely unpronounceable. Say it like it reads and you are probably right.

  2. Seriously? Why wasn’t that put in the front???

    Perhaps the publisher messed up and put it in the back. Who knows. But that’s irritating. I’d mispronounce them out of spite too!

    1. I’d say it’s still the author’s fault for not catching it while reviewing the galley proofs prior to publication.

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