Mid week

As much as I love Ivy’s daycare, only having her there part time can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. I love having her home most of the time, the only reason she goes is because it’s a hangover from when I was studying full time and falling behind trying to do the fulltime Mum thing at the same time. Now, she’d never agree to being pulled out, she has friends, she loves it, and you know, it keeps me sane because she is one girl who takes a lot to wear out!

Anyway, this morning her group of kids are all going on a trip, so of course she heard about it, is dying to go as well, and I’ve been approached by…. like 4/7 of the teachers asking if she wants to come. I couldn’t say no… as much as I wanted to. It means I have to drive her out there, stay for the three hours the trip lasts and then drive her back to the centre (fingers crossed someone feels sorry for me and says she can go on the bus with everyone else). Which would be fine, but Lauren is still napping in the morning and this means that more than likely I’m going to have one incredibly grumpy baby on my hands at some point in the day. There is no way she is going to sleep with 30 kids running around inside the play centre we’re going to.

Anyway, I’m not looking forward to it, and I’m feeling a little resentful that I’ve been pressure by everyone into doing this. But Ivy is one of the very few non-full time daycare kids at her centre, and I don’t want her to miss out, but UG!

On to other things! Got my chapter done, a review, some more critting done, but no fresh writing. I am yearning for it though, so am going to try and get some done today. I think it might be a little of the reason I am feeling the way I am, editing is all very well, it’s running along smoothly, but I don’t get quite the same rush out of it as I do when I’m writing fresh stuff.

P.S Lauren didn’t bite me yesterday, good girl 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mid week”

  1. a very good girl is Lauren… 🙂

    it’s hard to balance what’s easier for you and what makes Ivy happy. and it doesn’t get any easier. we were shopping for backpacks yesterday, and youngest daughter chose one to which eldest daughter only sniffed. they are so different, and I can’t make everyone happy. but we do the best we can. hopefully someone will have some sense and let her catch the bus back!

    well done on the work… 🙂

  2. It’s OK to resent being pressured, since you’re not letting that resentment ruin things for your kids. It’s good to see that your work’s going well.

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