Even though weekends don’t really mean a lot to me, I’m actually really glad that it IS the weekend tomorrow – this week seems to have flown by and has been much busier than normal. Am just glad it’s almost over.

Lauren had a decent sleep yesterday afternoon, I got my chapter done, we chilled out for what remained of the afternoon and I actually found myself feeling more, well, myself, which is a great thing. I’m tyring my best to keep that feeling firmly in mind, but trust me it’s not easy right now!

Hubby took his drivers test this morning but didn’t pass. He’s never actually driven around school buses so didn’t know/hadn’t been taught that he had to slow down to 20km’s when passing them. Total bummer, but ah well, at least he knows he’s got everything else down, it’s a very minor problem! Mostly annoying because no-one else ever slows down that much when passing a bus… it’s one of those road rules that barely anyone follows. He did it twice in the test, obviously not knowing better for the second bus because the guy never mentioned it the first time. He’s not annoyed, but I am, not at him though, at the guy!

Anyways… I’m trying to decide whether to have black coffee, or no coffee. It’s a tricky call. Once again I forgot to grab the eftpos card off Hubby this morning and have no cash so can’t hit the supermarket. It’s well overdue time for us to get a second card, I’m getting really sick of not being able to pick up essentials like milk, and being stuck home all day with no cash because we’ve both forgotten. Thank goodness we still have some tinned soup in the cupboard, at least I’ll be able to have something for lunch! lol Shopping day tomorrow, so I might have to do a massive stock up.

And today…. well, another two hours til Ivy is at daycare (thank goodness, she’s very melodramatic today), and then home again and editing/writing while Lauren sleeps. We’re settling into a groove here in which I always seem to have just enough time to get the stuff done that I need to, but not quite enough to get ahead of myself. Better than nothing though πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “TGIF”

    1. I never developed a taste for coffee. Luckily, it’s possible to get caffeine without having to drink coffee (or the high-fructose corn syrup solutions sold as soda in the US). I just take a No-Doz when simply putting on the Black Mages and cranking the volume up to 11 isn’t good enough.

      If one 200mg isn’t enough, I take another. Still, I kinda wish speed was legal and available over the counter. I bet I could work miracles on that stuff. πŸ™‚

      1. I never used to drink coffee, but I have for the last… 2-3 years now I think? I did end up having a black one with 2 sugars! Definitely felt the kick, but I think I’ll still take it with milk for now.

  1. I’m sorry your hubby flunked his road test. I flunked mine the first time as well; the instructor thought my cornering was too tight, and that I was too paranoid. I was used to tight cornering from years as a cyclist, but eventually got over that.

    I’m still paranoid. But the other drivers are crazy.

    1. lol yeah they are. Funnily enough, I failed my first time too! lol I think hearing that made him feel a bit better. I had my hands in the wrong position… and there was something else really silly, but ah well. I nailed it second time around.
      He’s going to try and get another test this week coming up, yay, I’m really looking forward to not being the only driver!

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