Yesterday was decent, I did manage to get a bit of everything done that I wanted to – though the chapter I was editing still has two pages untouched on it. Lauren is one very unhappy camper at the moment, and I am as ready for this round of teething to be over as she is! One of the three looks to be all the way through now, so hopefully the other two get in quick and we can go back to getting some decent sleep.

We spent a couple hours at the beach yesterday which was lovely, I’ll post some pics later on when I get a chance, the girls are growing up so fast!

L is actually sleeping now, Ivy is watching the sunday morning movie, and I should be editing. But… well, the jug is boiling and I’m going to have a coffee first. I need it! When I finish yesterdays chapter I’ll officially be halfway through the novel, such a strange thing to think about. Another two weeks and this round of edits will be done, though there is already a couple of things I need to go back and add into the beginning of the novel and I want to read it aloud when I do get it finished.

Then what?

That’s the scary bit I guess. I’m not quite ready to begin formulating the next steps, but it won’t be long before I need to give them some serious consideration. Right now, I’m way too tired. Which is excuse enough not to think too far ahead, but no excuse at all to avoid the editing.

Best get that coffee and get into it.

Oh, and I didn’t get my industrial strength caffiene hit yesterday! Lauren woke up moments before we left the house, so the whole family ended up going. Ah well, another week.


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