I’m sick

No wonder Lauren was so grumpy and fragile this weekend – I had thought the runny nose was related to the teeth coming in, but no, she has a head cold, one which I now have. No wonder she was finding sleep so difficult, seriously, this one sucks.

On the bright side, she’s a lot perkier today, so I’m in for two days of unpleasantness and then I should be on the mend.

I’m going to interupt this post with some breaking news: Lauren is clapping! She’s just now, for the first time with no assistance, clapped. Toooooooo cute. Wow, and my head feels better, perhaps laughter and joy really are the best medicine.

Anyways… I did manage to edit three chapters yesterday which was huge for me. I’m over halfway now and with 8 chapters left, I should be done in less than the two weeks I’d thought. That said, the second half of the book requires more work than the first, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to do one chapter a day. I’ll be doing the best I can.

Depending on whether or not I can convince Lauren that a massive afternoon sleep in Mummy’s bed is a good idea, I may take the day off. Right now I would rather sleep than edit, but who knows, if she keeps clapping and being extra cute I may feel well enough to edit later this afternoon 😉 Instead I think I’ll get stuck into this weeks read at the efiction book club.


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