I’m completely exhausted. Everything has been a mad rush in the kitchen, and Lauren cut another tooth last night which resulted in me being awake from, well, midnight last night.

It’s now…. almost 3pm and I am so tired… but I have chocolate icecream, so I’m good.

And the kitchen is so much closer to being done. The gib is up, I’m going to plaster and undercoat this weekend I think! Then we just have to get the topcoat, get the gasfitter around, and get the electrician as well, but that last one can be done after the kitchen is in if it comes to it, and it might, because I really doubt we can afford it this month. It’s been a whirlwind 30 hours or so of work, but you know what, it’s almost there now. I can hardly believe it. Even Dad said that if he had two more days, the thing would be in and we’d be cooking, with gas, even. On the hob anyways.

Oh right, we still need to buy one of those too! lol Gee I really am tired.

Anyways….Lauren’s finally asleep (the noise prevented much earlier), and I have chocolate icecream (which I think I’ve mentioned already), and despite any better judgement I may have had a few hours ago, I’m going to edit.

Gee, go to sleep Cassie, I hear you say.

You should know as well as I do that if I attempt to nap, Lauren will sense it and wake up. So, I’d rather just let her sleep and get on with the editing thank you very much.

I do appreciate your concern though.

Now, before I sound even more out of it than I have done, I’ll get on with things!

Oh, and I shall post some pics later of where things are at, and then hopefully after the weekend when we have a white room.


4 thoughts on “zomg”

    1. thanks Anna šŸ™‚ The kitchen is still a long way from being in, but I tell you, the space looks so much better and knowing its almost ready to go in…. ah bliss.

  1. I DO hope that you’re slightly less tired today. You were really out of it last night. I have my fingers crossed that you got an excellent night’s sleep (though with how Lauren’s been lately, I kind of doubt that). It’s awesome that you edited even though you were so exhausted. That’s pushing through.

    1. I had some sleep last night, lol so I’m less ‘out of it’ though still feeling somewhat light headed and tired. All good! I’m so excited to be so close to finishing!

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