Ahh sunshine

So, I finished writing Snow White yesterday wooo, I felt SO good about getting something done, and I’m actually pretty happy with the first draft. It’s out to a couple of people for feedback on what needs tweaking before it gets a brief polish and goes up on my story page. It doesn’t need to be perfect, so I’m happy 🙂

And I just finished meeting with the guy who is interested in a writers group. It went better than I had expected (but then, I always expect these things to be awkward and strange) and it sounds like he is keen to catch up again in couple weeks and see if we can pull some more writers from the area in. So, fingers crossed it all goes well!

So what’s on the agenda for the weekend? I really have got to get the plastering done, and hubby has to mow the lawns and we have to wade through a weeks worth of washing now that the machine is finally going again. The house is looking tidy otherwise though and it’s going to be nice to mostly just chill out. Oh, and get back to reading Lifelines 🙂 I feel well and truly up for it now!

Hubby took Ivy to dancing this morning, the first time ever that she has gone and I haven’t been there. And then something really strange happened… they went to the supermarket, and the Warehouse, and came home. They were out all morning together – OH BLISS. It was a strange thing to see the evidence that my life will now be easier with hubby having his licence. I feel less tense, knowing that all the driving duties can now be shared and that I don’t HAVE to go everywhere with everyone all the time.

Also they got me this lovely little flower arrangement, which shows that if you have a tantrum about no-one loving and appreciating you they will make the effort to prove that they do. Ivy picked it out. Aww, I do love them so. My family that is, though the flowers were nice too.



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