Monday Monday

Here we are again, the start of yet another week. They just keep coming don’t they? I feel like September is already slipping away from me, but then that could just be because I can see the work lined up ahead of me for months to come.

Seriously… lined up for months, possibly years and thats not even factoring in anything new. It’s a bit scary really, but good at the same time. I’m starting to get really excited about finishing the Resurgence trilogy, and I have some new short story ideas and old that need finishing off in the next couple of months too.

Got my feedback re: Snow White, and it’s all good, though as suspected the ending was rushed a little and I have some fun ideas to go back and write. When you read it (if you do), you might not think they are so fun, but I am a sick little writer, so… yeah.

Managed to get another chapter read of Lifelines, though I am still feeling meh about this final read through. The story is still good, thank the gods, but I wouldn’t read any novel twice in such quick succession which is probably why I am struggling with it a bit. Am going to try and work on the query letter and synopsis in the meantime, and just get chapters read when I can. I think at this rate I can estimate I’ll be submitting by the end of the month, but probably not much beforehand.

This leads me to the next writing thing – to nano or not to nano?? I could, I think, put off starting Riana until November 1st – Lifelines will take me to the end of the month and I think there are enough short stories and planning for Riana to hold me over in October. The challenge would be a great kick start for me to get back into my groove of writing 1.5k(and a bit) a day, which is far more important to me than actually winning the challenge. I didn’t do it last year, don’t feel the desperate need to this year either, but it’s normally good fun and if I’m going to be writing in november anyway, why not?

Hmm, my ‘,’ seems to be working just fine in every programme and screen other than msn chat boxes. Very strange. Perhaps it’s just to drive Chibi insane with my seemingly terrible punctuation?

Anyway, the baby is sleeping, Ivy is occupied and I should finish sanding the plaster, I’m loving that too, it’s so weird…am hoping to get a final coat of plaster done this afternoon when Lauren has her second nap – fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Monday Monday”

  1. Good to hear it looks like you’ll be doing Nano! I was in two minds myself – it’s not like I’m short of existing projects, but when it came down to it it was the good fun aspect that swayed me.

  2. To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed your punctuation in MSN. I usually don’t. MSN is the one place where I don’t care that much; you’ll notice mine gets pretty sloppy sometimes, too. And I think you SHOULD do NaNo. You don’t really have a reason not to.

  3. Glad to see you’re doing well. I won’t be bothering with NaNoWriMo myself, because I have plenty to do already and don’t want to put aside Starbreaker, but I wish you luck with it.

  4. I say go for NaNo BUT if you really feel your story pulling you to write it, don’t wait for it.

    I love NaNo because it’s like the only time of the year I can actually force myself to write 2-3K a day. Something about the overall challenge of it all and knowing there are thousands of other writers taking part in that same challenge keeps me going.

    Now if only I had the discipline to that year round…

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