Jeepers creepers

So, Lauren took her first step on Monday. Which was fantastic and amazing and I sent text messages, twittered and updated on facebook. Clever girl, wonderful child.

And then I took her temp cause I thought she felt hot (she’d just woken up when she did it), to find she had a nasty temp, so off to the Drs we went. Turns out she has another ear infection (another raging one, they always rage) to go with the very high temp. So, I’ve been majorly out of commission for the last few days. Mon/Tue she pretty much just slept on me all day, relatively happy, but very sleepy and clingy, and today she won’t sleep and she’s very grumpy. Personally, I think I prefer the sleepy/clingy thing.


Maybe tomorrow? I’m exhausted, fingers crossed I get more sleep tonight.


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